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Parent Pledge

The following pledge serves as a guideline for parents to help their children reach their maximum learning potential.  The learning process should always have parents, students, and teachers working together. 

I realize that as a parent I'm responsible for my child's education. I want my child to be honest, sincere and have the best possible education.

  1. I will make sure my child gets adequate rest each night and provide a healthy breakfast each day so my child will be alert and ready to learn.

  2. I will provide a special, quite place for my child to study.

  3. I will check that all homework assignments are completed each might and that homework is my child's work not mine.

  4. I will actively support Patterson's focused effort: to refine, expand, and develop practices in literacy so that all students will read at, or beyond grade level.

  5. I will take my child to the library regularly and help my child to build a library at home by including books among the presents I give my child.

  6. I will encourage my child to read by reading to him/her and by reading myself.

  7. I will review newspaper stories and TV programs and discuss how news and these programs affect them.

  8. I will ask my child each day What was the best thing that happened today? I will encourage him/her with a positive message.

  9. I will keep in contact with the school and meet regularly with my students teacher to know how he/she is progressing in meeting state and district standards.

  10. I will help my child learn to resolve conflict, to express him/her feelings and concerns appropriately, and become self-disciplined.

  11. I will help my child appreciate and enjoy the excitement of learning and the thrill of an inquiring mind through educational outings, vacations/trips and activities.