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End of the Year at Patterson

The end of the school year is always a very exciting time for students and their families.  There are many activities to close out the year and sometimes it can become a little hectic for all of us!  In May, there is the spelling bee, school science fair and school talent show.  In June, we look forward to year-end parties and picnics, school field day, 6th grade and Kindergarten promotion ceremonies, 6th Grade vs. Teachers softball game, year-end field trips, award and honor roll assemblies, etc.  Here is some information to help you have a smooth year's end for your student and yourself.


  • Please carefully check your student's Tuesday folder for any event announcements, as well as asking your child directly.  Sometimes an field trip or activity may be planned, but the schedule has changed.  Also regularly check the bulletin board on the Multi-Purpose Room, the Patterson Press and PTA Post, and the Website Calendar.

  • Remember to follow all parking and driving laws around the school.  Do not block the driveways of the school or the neighborhood homes, even for a few minutes.  Do not leave your car parked in the round-up area.  Do not make U-turns in front of the school.  Do not park in the handicapped spaces, unless you have a legal placard or plates.  Many events start in the morning and coincide with the normal school drop-off; please watch for the safety of all students, whether they are pedestrians or in vehicles.

  • 6th Grade students have many year-end events: registering for Junior High, softball game with the teachers, leading field day, award ceremony, promotion ceremony, 6th grade picnic.  Besides communicating with your student and their teacher about the scheduling of these events, please also consider volunteering if you have the chance.  Junior High School gives less opportunities to participate in events, besides chaperoning; use this time to enjoy the success your child has achieved at Patterson!

  • The last day of school is a Red Letter Day for parking!  The Kindergarten and 6th Grade promotion ceremonies are in the morning, with last day picnics and room parties planned as well.  If you will be at the school, plan accordingly.

  • The last days of school are also a time to be sure that your student brings home all their belongings.  Have your child return any school or library books that they have borrowed.  If your student has medication at the school office, it must be picked up by the last day of school.  Medication will not be stored for use over the summer.  Check the Lost and Found Box for any misplaced items, and make sure that your student has help bringing home large projects, school supplies, etc. especially during the last week.