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Visiting Patterson

Requirements

For the safety and security of the students and the school, all visitors to Patterson are required to first sign-in at the office and get a Visitors sticker.  When you leave, you must go back and sign-out.  Patterson Volunteers must to this as well, signing in and out. If you are taking your child out of school early, you must show ID and sign them out in the Black binder.  

Parents and family members are welcome to visit Patterson and their student's classes, especially for special events or to help in the classroom.  Please do not make unexpected visits to the classroom, as this may disrupt lesson plans; coordinate your visit time with the teacher.

If you are dropping off a missed lunch or other missed items, please leave it in the school office. Do not go directly to your child's classroom.

The office staff will contact the classroom to inform the teacher and student that it is in the office. Noon supervisors will take the lunch to the cafeteria for the lunch period.