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Student Development Programs

These programs are focused on developing character traits and leadership abilities that every Patterson student has within themselves.  You will also find that there are many student activities at Patterson that will also help your child challenge and express themselves.
PRIDE Awards
Each week one or two students in each class are selected by their teacher to receive a Pride certificate which is presented to them in a classroom presentation.  The Pride certificate is in recognition of exemplary behavior or class performance for that period. 

Caught Making Good Choices Program

Students throughout the school have the opportunity to be recognized for miscellaneous good deeds or behavior they have exhibited during the week.  Teachers and staff members select students to receive the school "Recognition Tag". Their names are announced over the school PA system at the end of the day on Friday. Students come to the office to select from a variety of colored Patterson Recognition tags as their award.  

Character Education

Patterson participates in the H3 character education program (Project Heart, Head and Hands).  Patterson students study the eight great character traits: Caring, Citizenship, Honesty, Integrity, Planning/Decision Making, Problem Solving, Responsibility, and Respect for Others. We are a Peace Builders School!


Safety Patrol

Sixth grade students and, during the spring, fifth grade students are trained by the Fremont Police Department to become a part of our Safety Patrol Squad.  The Safety Patrol assists students to cross the street at the crosswalks and to walk to get on the bus to prevent accidents.


Student Council

Intermediate students (fourth to sixth grade) are eligible to run for student council offices which include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-of-Arms.  Students will be informed in class about upcoming elections, the requirements of the positions and eligibility.


Peace Builders Program

Patterson has a Peace Builders Curriculum. The Peace Builders Pledge is recited every morning as part of the Morning Assembly where students and staff of grades 1-6 meet on the playground. All students are charged with the responsibility of being Peace Builders and to resolve conflicts appropriately, timely and peacefully. When adult support is needed, they are taught to seek school staff members for assistance.