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Student Activities

Patterson Students have many opportunities to participate in activities that can enhance their educational experience. Information about the calendar start for these events and the requirements are often distributed in students' Thursday Folders or directly announced in class to students. If you have questions about an activity, please ask the listed advisor, your teacher, or the school office.
Activities Include:
This is an after-school program available for 4th to 6th grade students. Students of all musical levels are welcomed - beginner to intermediate. Lessons focus on how to handle and play an instrument of your student's choice, learning to read musical notes, practicing songs of the appropriate musical level, and learning to play music in a group. The band performs in the annual Patterson Talent Show and in the American High School Attendance Area Band Performance Night. This is an excellent preparatory class for Band in Thornton Jr. High and American High Schools. Look for enrollment information in September and October and send your registration to the Fremont Education Foundation. The program is free, but seeks voluntary donations and has an annual spring fundraising telethon.
Intermediate students (4th-6th Grade) are allowed to run for Student Council positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Historian in September/October. Students who are interested in running for a position must receive signed approval from their parent/guardian and teacher. They will also be required to make a campaign speech with other candidates at an assembly of the intermediate students. They are also allowed to make campaign posters, following school regulations. After speeches, intermediate students vote by ballot in their classes for the candidates of their choice. Each room also chooses two class representatives for the council. The council organizes a Winter Art and Writing Contest for all grades and fundraises money for the school year-end Awards ceremony. This activity usually take place during school hours and is an good introduction to leadership roles and school government.
Sixth grade students and, during the spring, fifth grade students are trained by the Fremont Police Department to become a part of our Safety Patrol Squad. The Safety Patrol assists students to cross the street at the crosswalks and to walk to get on the bus to prevent accidents.
Patterson has a Conflict Resolution Program. This has become a very rewarding program, with selected students helping other students arrive at non-violent solutions to their problems or disagreements. Currently, 3rd -6th grade students who have gone through the Conflict Resolution training, are on the school grounds daily. These students have received classroom instruction in how to handle the everyday problems that students have, and how to choose the best solution to a disagreement. There are bi-weekly meetings of the Conflict Managers to discuss the playground concerns and how to better meet the needs of Patterson School. These students can be identified by their bright orange vests, and any student with a disagreement with another student can ask a Conflict Manager to step in and mediate a peaceful settlement. This has helped to maintain a friendly playground environment, and has virtually eliminated the incidence of physical retaliation by students.
Tryouts for the Boys Basketball Team and Girls Basketball Team take place in November/December, for interested intermediate students. Parental permission is required. After teams are chosen, there are weekly after-school practice sessions. Starting in January/February, away and home games take place with other elementary schools in the American High School attendance area. Awards ceremonies take place at the end of the season. Good sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as game skills, are stressed in the basketball training.
The school spelling bee is held during March of the school year. Intermediate students who have won their class spelling bee or scored the highest in a required spelling test may qualify for the school spelling bee. The spelling bee takes place in an assembly for the intermediate students, with words posed by a mediator; three teachers serve as judges. The winner of the spelling bee and the runner-up will go on to compete in the District Spelling Bee.
Each year, Patterson has a Spring Talent Show that allows students to demonstrate their performance skills to the school community. All students are allowed to apply to the talent show, but must be able to attend after-school rehearsals as scheduled. There are three performances: assemblies for the primary and intermediate grades, as well as an evening program for parents. The students always bring plenty of energy and enthusiasm to their performances, which makes a very entertaining talent show.
Annually, the school district sponsors a contest for Young Writers or a Science Fair; 2009-2010 is the year for the Young Writer's Contest, 2010-2011 will be the Science Fair. Participants for both competitions are open to 1st - 6th grades, and your student's teacher will provide the district rules and due dates. The Science Fair is held in the spring and first place winners from each grade in Patterson are submitted to the District competition. The Young Writer's Contest usually takes place mid-year, with teachers judging selections. The District will set the theme or format that a student can write about and illustrate. Several selections from the primary and intermediate grades are sent to the District for competition; District winners are announced in March/April. Each event is a chance for a student to express their interests in science or writing and illustration. Each student who participates learns about scientific inquiry or story creation and will find the events exciting and interesting, even without a prize involved.
The PTA annually sponsors an art event, which allows students from all grades to express themselves though art, poetry, musical competition, etc... The theme is set by the National PTA and entries from several grade levels which best express the theme are entered in the local PTA district event. The program usually takes place in the late fall and information about the theme and rules will be distributed in the Tuesday Folder, PTA Post and this website.